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About the Tarot

Tarot reading is an ancient art and lots of people will be familiar with what is involved in a tarot reading. Tarot readers have been around for centuries and the first tarot cards were based on everyday playing card packs. Some people still use playing cards instead of the tarot. Tarot cards weren’t originally used for fortune telling, the original purpose of the cards was for playing games

I personally have about two hundred decks of Tarot cards. But I also know a lot of readers that only have the one deck. But I feel it is more usual for readers these days to have several decks. It is however true that Tarot readers will usually have one pack of cards that they have a particular affinity with or become particularly “linked” to. This is when you are likely to give the best readings as the cards take in your own personal energy.

Of course anyone can buy a pack of tarot cards and start to link with them and read with them, and I actively encourage this with people developing their own psychic or spiritual gifts. I find that in the early stages explaining to people about ‘telling a story’ with the tarot will be the best way to get things flowing and to help grow their confidence in their cards and their new found skill. Not worrying too much about what the books say as the meanings can be a little rigid is often the best way to learn the cards.

Most traditional decks contain 78 cards and these are split into the major and minor arcana.

Psychic laura tarot cardsGenuine help for those in need. Psychic tarot readings are available to order online and you can place an order, ask your questions, and pay securely online. 

Same Day Readings

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3-4 Day Readings

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Psychic Tarot Readings are normally carried out within 3-4 days, but when you book you can choose the soonest space and that could be very soon. You will always get your reading on the day it is booked for. As I work alone and my readings are individual and not computer generated, there can be a short wait at times.. You will be advised if the wait will be longer for your reading, but I will always do my best to get  your reading to you as quickly as possible.