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I would like you to know my thoughts on curses, as recently this has got a very bad press, with lots of psychics asking for huge sums of money to remove so-called curses from people.  This is just trading on the worry and anxiety that goes with this mysterious side of life. Though Some of you reading this will probably not believe me, it is actually extremely rare for people to be cursed.  This does not mean it is impossible.  And I personally have removed many curses from people over the years.  However I always look into this very carefully, and make the client fully aware of their situation, some wish to go ahead with a curse removal/clearance any way, and in which case I always base it on a clearance rather than the actual curse removal.  That is up to the individual client I will never tell you you are cursed if you're not.

A great deal of people come to me, normally in the region of two to three a day to tell me they feel they have been cursed, hexed or someone has placed the evil eye on them, or used some other mysterious magical means. I always treat it seriously and look at the situation for the person concerned. Most that approach me are at their wits end as they may have tried others without success or approached the church in some cases. I do not charge to look into your situation to see if you are suffering from a curse or hex etc, but I will always be honest with them regarding my findings.

If I went along with each and every one of the people who ask me about this, and went on to charge them and carry out curse removal I could make a fortune. It's very simple to convince someone who is having a very hard time of it with bad luck or a lot of negativity in their lives that someone is interfering  with black magic trying to ruin them. This is not my way at all. I believe in being honest and if you do have a problem that you would like me to look at I will give you an honest view of it. Sometimes it is negative energy that has collected around you, and this can start to weigh heavy on your shoulders and then as like attracts like more negativity is drawn in and it becomes an never ending cycle. This is the easiest form of negativity to remove.

I usually prefer to return any curses or evil that I do come across back to earth rather than to sender, but this can be negotiable depending on the circumstances.

Some people would rather hear that they are hexed or cursed than hear the truth, because it gives them a reason for the problems. If it really is a curse then there is a reason for the difficulty and the person is the victim of a malicious attack.

Curses do exist, but it is rare. they also require a great deal of focus in order to work, and for that reason a high percentage do fail. Cursing is something I have a true hands off policy on, apart from advising on the removal of the rare ones I do find.

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